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A HealthDoers Virtual Event

Join us for our upcoming interactive webinar on Effective Team Based Care:

The Practice Transformation Group’s third interactive webinar on Effective Team Based Care will take place on July 31st, 2017, 3-4 PM (EST)and will continue the conversation to help participants learn about:

  1. Stanford CERC’s findings on approaches to effective team-based care, and overview of how high-value primary care organizations implemented related attributes within their settings
  2. High-level summative results of the LEAP model as it relates to effective team-based care
  3. How to start adopting some of these attributes in your local context, as illustrated through 1-2 case examples

Led by moderator Diane Stewart, Senior Director at PBGH’s California Quality Collaborative (CQC), the webinar will feature panelists Julia Murphy, Director of Dissemination and Adoption, Peterson Center on HealthCare, and Brian Austin, Deputy Director of “Learning from Effective Ambulatory Practices” (LEAP), MacColl Institute.



Claudia shared this Health Affairs article on educating health professionals collaboratively for team-based primary care as it struck a cord with her .

It outlines a path forward for how we can break down silos and create a new generation of health professionals able to work in efficiently functioning teams. 

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