Welcome to the HealthDoers Hub. This collaborative, online community is a space for you to connect with “HealthDoers” across the country. Currently, HealthDoers are transforming local healthcare using a multi-stakeholder approach. However, they are often doing so without the insight of their peers. This community aims to accelerate healthcare improvement and reform by breaking down those silos of local information and serving as a resource hub so no member need “Start from Scratch” again.


Knowledge and networks about improving community healthcare are currently siloed. People across the country are transforming local healthcare using a multi-stakeholder approach, but they are often doing so without the insights of their peers. To accelerate national improvement in the value and quality of healthcare, local, state, and national doers need a platform for focused collaboration, connection and sense-making.

The goal of the HealthDoers Hub is to connect individuals who seek to accelerate healthcare transformation change by sharing best practices, and inspire each other through shared goals, voicing challenges, and facilitating collaboration.

About The HealthDoers Network

The HealthDoers Network provides trusted peer-to-peer forums and programming to support “HealthDoers,” who are people working to improve community health and healthcare. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation selected the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement to launch this initiative and ensure that a broader network of individuals and organizations learn about and apply the multi-stakeholder approach to community health and healthcare improvement.

The HealthDoers Network is designed to accelerate the adoption of what’s working at the community level, and to identify the next generation of challenges. The online and in-person offerings of the HealthDoers Network are designed to rapidly identify and spread what works, foster meaningful connections, and incorporate participant feedback to set priorities.

What is a HealthDoer?

HealthDoers are the people working every day to improve community health care and health, directly at the local level, or supportively through state and national channels.  The individuals and the organizations they work with have valuable insight and wisdom to share, and are the energy behind the network. Our goal is to support them in sharing insights and experiences in order to transform the healthcare delivery system and achieve the Triple Aim. What is the Triple Aim you ask?  Improving the patient experience of care, including quality and satisfaction; improving the health of populations; and reducing the per-capita cost of healthcare. The HealthDoers Network offers support to participants through a combination of online collaboration, in-person forums, social media and collaborative learning support.

Benefits of Being a HealthDoer:

Network Intelligence: With participants from across the healthcare spectrum including providers, purchasers, policymakers and consumers – all searchable by specialty – it’s a s simple to share ideas with similarly-situated participants as it is to seek input from disparate thinkers.

In Person Sharing: At regular intervals throughout the year, HealthDoers Network sponsors in-person forums allowing participants to meet, form relationships, exchange ideas and advance shared reform objectives.

Virtual Community: As the central gathering-point, our online platform allows for easy research, sharing and engagement. The platform provides broad access to public areas of the community, while allowing for targeted engagement with private communities led by partnering organizations.

Topical Discussions: As a community by and for its users the Network allows participants to curate and share relevant content. In order to stimulate dialog on topics identified as relevant.

Better Connections: Our directory is a powerful tool for connecting HealthDoers. It streamlines research and facilitates introductions – all well leveraging collective wisdom toward the achievement of common objective.