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Resource Bundles

Resource Bundles feature curated content from the HealthDoers Hub:
Open Forum discussions, documents, events, and members, organized by research focus.

Learn how the Pathways to Population Health initiative is helping change agents from across the country as they make practical, meaningful, and sustainable advances in population health.  

To make healthcare affordable we must address fundamental issues like pricing, overuse, incentives, and care delivery. Use this bundle to explore more about these topics.

Each Power Pack solves a specific challenge that a practice might face as it begins the process of clinical practice transformation. They lead by example by demonstrating specific pathways to resolve healthcare delivery challenges.

This bundle includes easily accessible learning modules with short videos and key takeaways around topics related to sustaining QI initiatives and foundational QI programming. The bundle also offers a learning model to support ongoing efforts.

Primary and specialty care providers face many challenges as they navigate the complex landscape to transition their practice from a model focused on volume, to value.


Learn from bright spot practices how to implement techniques to have a high functioning team delivering quality care.

Learn what providers,social services, and community based organizations are doing to address the epidemic in their communities.

Use this bundle to explore how to begin to use multi-sector data and address social determinants of health for population health management.

Learn what healthdoers are doing to build relationships with the patients they serve and how critical this is to improving care delivery and transformation.

Uncover ways to develop sustainable public and private sector funding for population health.

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