To make healthcare affordable we must address fundamental issues like pricing, overuse, incentives, and care delivery.
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Mylia Christensen, COO,
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“Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives are key to our community’s ability to deliver higher quality and more affordable healthcare, serving many critical roles.”
~ Mylia Christensen, COO Comagine Health

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Affordable Care Together

Achieving affordability will require focused efforts on three major drivers:
health, price, and waste.
The movement will build on multi-stakeholder efforts of Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives to address one or more of these drivers, and collectively, create greater awareness and take action.

The Power of Data

Have you ever wondered what information would help explain variation in healthcare costs across providers? 
This video provides an overview of both
the Resource Use Index (RUI) and theTotal Cost Index (TCI). 
Archival Resources
Data is the Spark, Collaboration is the Fuel

NRHI's 3rd National Benchmark Report

“Data is the Spark, Collaboration is the Fuel” is NRHI’s third report comparing the total cost of care for those with private insurance in various U.S. regions. The report uses the average cost of healthcare for comparable populations as its benchmark and compares each state to that average. Like other recent studies highlighted in national media, “Data is the Spark, Collaboration is the Fuel” finds that healthcare costs vary widely between states. The NRHI report dives deeper to explore why costs differ and reveals how varied care delivery patterns and local prices contribute to the cost differences between Colorado, Maryland, Minnesota, Oregon, St. Louis, and Utah.

Read the 2nd annual report: Healthcare Affordability: Untangling Cost Drivers” 

Getting to Affordability Community Classroom on Cost Shift

Do you know the difference between price discrimination and dynamic cost shifting and how each of these can impact affordability? Explore this further with the G2A team. 

Vital Directions for Health and Health Care

Priorities From a National Academy of Medicine Initiative

IMPORTANCE Recent discussion has focused on questions related to the repeal and replacement of portions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, issues central to the future of health and health care in the United States transcend the ACA provisions receiving the greatest attention. Initiatives directed to certain strategic and infrastructure priorities are vital to achieve better health at lower cost.

Read the article

Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us

The March 2013 Time Magazine article by Steven Brill- Bitter Pill, Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us describes many wasteful practices that perhaps could be curtailed.

Read the article

Why does healthcare cost so much, and what can we do about it?
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