Care Delivery: Deepening Patient & Providers Relationships

Care Delivery: Deepening Patient & Providers Relationships

Learn what healthdoers are doing to build relationships with the patients they serve and how critical this is to improving care delivery and transformation.

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I’ve been following the conversation around using data to improve health and healthcare with great interest. Another critical component to achieving better......
Carole Florman

Practice Transformation Group

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Health Affairs

How To Win The Doctor Lottery

Donna Jackson Nakazawa

Not every doctor-patient encounter is healing, and it can seem a game of chance. One patient explores what it takes to win.

The Practice Transformation Group: Establishing Deeper Patient Relationships

On Monday, May 22nd, HealthDoers in partnership with Stanford’s Clinical Excellence Research Center hosted a virtual event, Establishing Deeper Patient Relationships. The event featured Dr. Alan Glaseroff, Co-Founder of Stanford Coordinated Care, and Melora Simon, Former Director of Stanford’s America’s Most Valuable Care Project. It was a rich presentation and discussion that generated great questions from participants. The presenters spoke to the “how-to” aspects of leveraging clinical teams to create an environment where patients feel respected and heard. Dr. Glaseroff highlighted the power of using motivational interviewing (MI) to identify the patient’s goal. By using MI and having compassion it, “allows people to blossom.” 



Topic Profile

Alignment Across Sectors – Multi-sector Care Delivery

Donna Jackson Nakazawa

Our partners at Academy Health have released the next topic profile in the work they are orchestrating on multisector payment reform to improve population health. This topic profile sheds light on multisector care delivery efforts taking place in regions throughout the country.