Multi-Sector Data

Multi-Sector Data

Use this bundle to explore how to begin to use multi-sector data and address social determinants of health for population health management.

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We aim to build on our multi-sector data sharing, data governance and interoperability conversations as we dive more deeply into the significance of data quality. All of this data talk is in an effort to support lower cost, better care and improved health outcomes for individuals and communities...
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Social Determinants Data Conundrums P2P

The Intersection of Clinical Data, Claims, and the Social Determinants of Health: Integrating Multi-Sector Data to Create Health out of Health Care

Robert Kahn, M.D., MPH Cincinnati; Connecting Medical and Social Services to Address Social Determinants of Health

When a child came into a Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Community Health clinic in 2010 to be treated for asthma, the doctor treating him did not stop at prescribing medication. Carefully trained to ask about social determinants of health, the doctor inquired about the child’s home and living environment. His mother responded that she had requested an air conditioner to ease the child’s asthma, was denied and feared being evicted if she pressed the issue. She asked the doctor if there was anything they could do to help. The provider referred her to the Legal Aid Society.

Making the Juice Worth the Squeeze

Watch the recording from our virtual event where HealthDoers reported out on our key takeaways from our January Peer to Peer, The Intersection of Clinical Data, Claims and the Social Determinants of Health: Integrating Multi-Sector Data to Create Health Out of Healthcare. Additionally we included takeaways from an NRHI Member Data Governance Roundtable Discussion. This event also provided us with the opportunity to hear about the transformative work being done by some of our partners.

Social Determinants Data Conundrums

Peer to Peer Summary

An informative summary report from our Peer to Peer event that addresses the need for multi sector data in an effort to support the overall health of individuals and communities by meeting both medical and non-medical needs.