Opioid Epidemic

Opioid Epidemic

Learn what providers,social services, and community based organizations are doing to address the epidemic in their communities.

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Have you been wondering “How Did an Over Reliance on Meds Get Us to Where We Are Now?” We hosted a forum this past Spring in New Jersey talking about pain management ....
Patricia Kelmar
New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute

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Patricia Kelmar

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How Did an Over Reliance on Meds Get Us to Where We Are Now?

New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute hosted a forum this past Spring in New Jersey talking about pain management — the discussion included a short history on reliance on opioids in pain treatment. Take five minutes and get some background to understand more.

Dr. Terrence Welsh, MD (Partner, Anesthesia Associates of Morristown) talks about this pendulum where circumstances led professionals from severely under-prescribing to now over-prescribing.

It Takes a Community: Owning the Opioid Epidemic Webinar

Panelists discuss the ways communities are uniting in the face of the opioid epidemic. Panelists and participants explore:

• Cultivation of partnerships: How, when, and who to convene
• Innovation with pain management techniques and resources
• Support for providers- training, education and collaboration
• How to survive and thrive amid state and federal regulations
• How community organizations are supporting their residents, and
• The patient perspective

Linda Schwimmer, JD, CEO & President of New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute (NJHCQI)  facilitates discussion with:
• Dr. Amy Belisle, Medical Director, Maine Quality Counts
• Mike Eisenhart, PT, Managing Partner of Pro-Activity Associates
• Andre Johnson, President and CEO, Detroit Recovery Project

The opioid epidemic, explained

2015 was the worst year for drug overdose deaths.

Then 2016 came along.

The opioid epidemic could kill as many as 650,000 people in the next decade. Here’s how it got so bad. 

This introductory article from Vox is a great place to begin to understand the many factors contributing to the current state of the opioid epidemic. 

Stopping Epidemics At The Source:

Applying Lessons From Cholera To The Opioid Crisis

On September 8, 1854, acting on the advice of Dr. John Snow, London municipal authorities removed the pump handle from the Broad Street well in an effort to halt a major outbreak of cholera. Read more about the connections to the opioid epidemic that our nation faces today. 

Aetna is notifying some doctors about their drug-dispensing habits

This article from the Washington Post that discusses how Aetna has begun notifying doctors about their drug-dispensing habits. As discussed in the article, it is not new for insurers to supply providers with data around quality, but it is new to be sharing the refill-to-prescription ratio.

Meet the Doers: Q&A Interviews

 Laura Adams, President & CEO, Rhode Island Quality Institute

Barbra Rabson, President & CEO Massachusetts Health Quality Partners

Nadine Villani, Family Nurse Practitioner, Penobscot Indian Nation Health Services